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Bob Rigter, jazz musician, novelist 

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The etymology of the word JAZZ

Bob Rigter welcomes invitations to play jazz and/or to read / discuss / lecture on his literary work.
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 The Bob Rigter Quartet – LOVE YOU MADLY

Five on the Rigter Scale (the quintet which Bob Rigter leads with his son Simon, who also plays tenor sax) 

Simon Rigter (played with Curtis Fuller, George Coleman, Slide Hampton, Elvin Jones, Alvin Queen. Referred to by 
                              Down Beat (Sept. ’98) as a ‘strong tenor saxist’)

Ben Webster’s last concert. Detailed information and unique photographs.  
(Sept. 6, 1973 in Leiden.
Ben insisted Bob play the blues on his instrument, then made his final speech:
   ‘Son, you are young and growing, and I am old and going. So have your fun while you can.’ 
   The next day Ben was hospitalised in Amsterdam, where he died on Sept. 20, the day Simon Rigter was born.)

Photographs of jam sessions with Don Byas, John Engels, Wessel Ilcken and others.
The Hague 1955-'56.


Jazz in de Oostzee (1995) ISBN 90-5526-039-8. (Welcomed by the press as the first Dutch jazz novel: ‘This 
   sure ain’t no novel for no squares, man.’
(Martin Schouten in De Volkskrant)) 

Langarm (1999) ISBN 90-5689-065-4. (Nominated for a prestigious Dutch/Belgian literary prize: De ECI-prijs voor 
    Schrijvers van Nu 2001.)

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Bob Rigter Quartet - Fragment of Everything Happens To Me (RealAudio)

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